ALL BLUE is 73f big sports fhishing boat. ISUZU 630ps engin twin. 23knt/h speed.

pilot & copilot & 18passenjer can on.

Lura fhishingu main and I can sam style fhising. summer time is every night go squit hunt.

fhishing elia is about 5min bay side ~1h ran US.ARMY rader base side.

fhishing range is 100f~500f deeps  about.


Base is [ASAMOGAWA BAY]  in kyotango city kyoto pref. Bay have parking.

8:00am to 5:00pm play abaut by wether&cach fhish bolum.

Pay is \12000/day.  VISA/MC/AMEX/JCB can use.

Usabre chartea. \60000/day   sataday and sunday and thanks giveing day is ASK.


Captain INOUE  mobil  08014111155

I can not English so fanny say and I hope japanes say plers.


Some time NO fhish get ! pleas dont get angry...